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HVAC Blower Motor Full of Debris, Dust, Bacteria, and Allergens - SoCal Climate Control

Your home’s HVAC system consists of many components, one of which is the blower motor. This motor is a critical component that allows your system to maintain a comfortable temperature within your home.

Blower motors collect a lot of dirt, dust, debris, and even pet dander. It is full of bacteria and allergens! The blades on all old and new furnaces are built as scoops which end up collecting volatile organic compounds—you can’t see it! Not only is this creating bad indoor air quality, it may also affect your airflow as well as forcing a strain on major system components.

Have your allergies gone out of control? New allergy symptoms appearing? There is a high possibility that the fan blades are the culprit.

To fix this issue, we highly recommend contacting us for our NATE certified technicians to come perform a deep cleaning of these fan blades, blower housing, and the supply and return plenums.